Belgium-based Reynders has installed an automated system from Lake Image Systems for inspecting and authenticating ScanTrust QR codes on anti-counterfeit packaging.

ScanTrust, a secure cloud-based product authentication and supply chain traceability specialist, has developed a secure QR code containing a unique fingerprint pattern that cannot be copied.

During printing of the ScanTrust QR code onto labels and packaging, Lake Image Systems has provided a real-time, camera-based option to read, decode and validate the QR code, extract the unique fingerprint image and interrogate the ScanTrust cloud system to authenticate the code at the start of each job. A positive response from the ScanTrust cloud signals to the operator to commence printing the rest of the job. During the print job, every QR Code is read and validated and through an integration with an off-line ScanTrust tool. The quality and integrity of each unique fingerprint is also assured.

This integrated and fully automated system gives Reynders assurance that the ScanTrust codes are visible, readable, validated and authenticated in order to deliver a highly effective, traceable and low cost secure label and packaging printing service to a major brand.

Reynders CEO Marc Reynders said: ‘As an organization, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of quality whilst maintaining operational and technical excellence at all times. With the combined ScanTrust and Lake Image Systems solution in place, we can now fully automate our workflow according to our high standards and have the reassurance that we are delivering a quality, error free product to this prestigious client.’

Furthermore, the Lake Image Systems technology has given Reynders the confidence to exploit the full potential of ScanTrust technology. ‘The market for a highly effective, traceable and low-cost solution for producing secure packaging is expanding fast,’ stated Marc Reynders. ‘With this solution, we are now well positioned to benefit from this growth and are already delivering this secure packaging solution to two additional clients, with a few more in the pipeline.’