Distalmotion’s surgical robot is ready for clinical use


Distalmotion, a Swiss-based medical device company, received European CE Mark for its surgical robot Dexter. Dexter combines the affordability of laparoscopy with the benefits of robotic surgery. 

Manufactured in Switzerland, Dexter brings simplicity and versatility in minimally invasive surgical care, making robotics accessible for a wider repertoire of procedures and enabling surgeons to leverage the benefits of robotic aid under tariff. The surgical robot integrates seamlessly into existing laparoscopic procedures.

The CE Mark announced today follows Dexter successful validation earlier this year when surgeons and nurses from leading European hospitals, across urology, gynaecology and general surgery could confirm Distalmotion surgical robot clinical benefits and value. Dexter is ready for clinical use and set to address the too many laparoscopic procedures still do not benefit from robotic surgery every year.

Speaking about a key milestone for Distalmotion and Dexter, Michael Friedrich, Distalmotion CEO, said, “Obtaining European CE Mark is a major milestone paving the ground for the clinical use of Dexter in Europe. Dexter has already garnered tremendous interest in the surgical community and we look forward to answering the increasing demand for a medical device removing the complexity out of robotic surgery.”