Wädenswil/Zurich, Switzerland and Saffron Walden, UK, 12th January 2021 / 

Sciad Newswire / Domainex Ltd., a leading provider of integrated drug discovery services, is pleased to announce that it has invested in the WAVEdelta instrument from Creoptix AG. This instrument utilizes Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) to measure target binding on sensor chips, generating binding affinity and on/off rate kinetics in a high throughput manner. This system achieves superior resolution in signal and time compared to traditional Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and will further strengthen Domainex’s leading position in the fragment-based drug discovery field via its FragmentBuilder platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, Creoptix has delivered its latest pre-launch WAVEdelta system with its new waveRAPID® (Repeated Analyte Pulses of Increasing Duration) capability built in, to be officially launched in February 2021. This will increase the throughput dramatically and reduce compound consumption by using timed pulsed injections. Simultaneously, Domainex has been appointed to the Creoptix Partnering Program under which Creoptix will refer “fee-for-service” enquiries to Domainex.

Dr. Tom Mander, Chief Executive Officer at Domainex, said: “I have been impressed with the technical expertise and access the team at Creoptix have given us, under Line’s stewardship. We are pleased to have become one of only three companies to join their Partnering Program. The WAVEdelta system will complement our already comprehensive and world-leading biophysical screening platform. Alongside this, we have recruited more talented scientists with prior experience to cater to the growing demand for such services. Now more than ever, Domainex is positioned as the partner of choice to life science organisations globally for prosecuting challenging disease targets through drug discovery”.

Line Stigen Raquet, Chief Executive Officer of Creoptix, added: “We are very pleased to embark on our partnership with Domainex and grant them early access to our waveRAPID technology as part of our Partnering Program. Domainex and Creoptix share a strong commitment to our customers and helping them achieve scientific breakthroughs, and we are delighted to join forces in the pursuit of this goal”.