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LAUSANNE, SwitzerlandJuly 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scantrust has entered into a global agreement with ePAC as the technology provider for a new connected packaging and connected goods service under the name ePacConnect. ePacConnect flexible packages are used by consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and have Scantrust secured and serialized QR codes printed right on the packaging. Because every ePacConnect flexible package includes a Scantrust QR code, every single ePac flexible package is an online gateway with connected packaging features. These features range from consumer engagement tools to active brand protection anti-counterfeiting features. A simple scan of a safe QR code on packaging is all it takes to benefit from these features.

An important partnership in the CPG industry

ePac recognized that small businesses deserve access to the same flexible packaging technology used by large CPG enterprises. They also knew they could improve on industry average turn-around times, cost, and quality for companies of any size. Integrating Scantrust connected packaging tools was the logical next step. The result is ePacConnect: a customized connected flexible packaging service that requires almost zero up-front costs has low minimum order requirements and involves minimal technical setup. ePacConnect removes barriers to entry for companies that want to take advantage of word-class package design with innovations like variable data printing (VDP), serialization, and patented anti-counterfeit features.

How does ePacConnect smart packaging work?

Every ePacConnect package has a unique, serialized identity marked using Scantrust secured QR codes. A smartphone QR scan begins the consumer engagement experience. That experience can be customized to deliver an instant product authenticity verification (is this product real or fake?) or product origin details. ePacConnect is also an ideal channel for promotional campaigns like loyalty programs. Supply chain data, such as harvest date, location, or manufacturing details, can be delivered dynamically through custom landing pages, all served up with a simple scan. A database of information is subsequently built with each scan. This builds a product profile with product distribution, frequency of scans, number of product authentications, and more.

About Scantrust

Scantrust offers tools for protecting brands, technology for establishing supply chain awareness, and offers innovative consumer engagement options. Unlock growth potential in the goods companies sell with Scantrust. Learn more or request a demonstration at

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