Taking Pioneering Biometric Authentication to a New Level

Andrea Carmignani, CEO and Co-Founder, Fabian Eberle, COO and Co-Founder, Paolo Gasti, CTO and Co-Founder.

At Keyless, our mission is to provide people and organizations with a passwordless future, where the user is the key. We want to do it in a way that lets people log in to any app or service, from any device, easily and safe in the knowledge that they have the privacy they deserve, and for organizations to maintain security and compliance for their systems and users.

Not only have we achieved that, we continuously work to improve how we do that.

By bringing together over 10 years of research from some of the best minds in cryptography and biometrics, the Keyless team has built and patented pioneering biometric authentication technology that meets the compliance requirements of PSD2, has received FIDO® certifications, and helps online businesses more easily meet the requirements of GDPR. We have a product that we are proud of—that our partners and our customers are proud of.

So today, we are excited to announce that we’re taking Keyless to a new level: Keyless will become part of Sift, the leader in Digital Trust & Safety. We’ve made this decision because Sift’s mission closely matches ours—to help everyone trust the internet—and together with Sift, we can deliver on our mission to help everyone achieve a passwordless future.

Digital identity sits at the intersection of user experience, security, and privacy, and as organizations face unprecedented phishing attacks, fraud, and account takeovers, it presents one of the biggest challenges right now—particularly in high-profile, consumer-reliant industries, such as financial services and e-commerce. Therefore, the role of authentication is a critical step in addressing these challenges and preventing fraud. The combination of Sift + Keyless delivers end-to-end growth and protection for all online or digital sites, as current and future customers can leverage passwordless biometric authentication along with Sift’s other Digital Trust & Safety solutions to secure and enhance the customer experience, from account creation to payments to managing disputes.

While this is a big step in our journey as a company, at Keyless our focus and commitment will remain on protecting employee and customer credentials. And with the combination of Sift + Keyless, organizations can take a strong, proactive stance against all fraudulent activity, throughout the customer journey—whether it’s at the point of login, sign up with KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, or in-app authentication.