We are a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are strong believers in team work and we partner with companies founded by enthusiastic, visionary and passionate entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world. We are in this business to support them, nurture their vision and help them scale. We invest for the long term since it is never a short journey when you are pioneering new paths.

Privilège team showed interest in our activity since we met quite a while ago, and have interacted with us with a very smart approach, focusing on business fundamentals, market size but also on the implementation skills of our team. Although we have interacted with Privilège’s team for long time, upon decision to close the deal, they acted fast and in a very efficient manner

Francesco Cecchini, Gondola


Jacqueline Ruedin Rüsch
Jacqueline Ruedin RüschGeneral Partner
Lucian Wagner
Lucian WagnerGeneral Partner
Filippo Schimenti
Filippo SchimentiInvestments
Susanne Battegay
Susanne BattegayInvestments
Alessandro Ragni
Alessandro RagniInvestments
Alessandra Busnardo
Alessandra BusnardoOperations
Greta Lazzarini
Greta LazzariniCommunications


The right people on a board can be a treasure trove of insights. We are glad of the expertise and knowledge our advisory board members bring to our activity. Their complementary expertise, different perspective and geography enriches our vision and increase our competence.

Sonia Deho’
Sonia Deho’ Advisory Board
Philip Bodmer
Philip Bodmer Advisory Board
Claudia Zeisberger
Claudia Zeisberger Advisory Board

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Beyond the financing itself, Privilège has added a lot of value to Ava. Few investors know both the Swiss and the US startup ecosystems as well as Privilège. The resulting advice how a Swiss tech company can achieve fast growth in the US has been invaluable for us

Pascal Koenig, AVA AG

We build hardware and more specifically, alpine wearables. Despite the higher perceived risk for hardware startups, Jacqueline and her team weren’t afraid to step in. We’ve been working with Privilège Ventures for the past two years; they are one of our early investors. Initial due diligence was comprehensive, and that homework proved to be a great asset when we engaged later investors. Both Jacqueline and Lucian take a very hands-on approach and are actively interested on what’s going on with the startup. I can’t recommend them enough when you’re raising your early investments.

Martin Kawalski, SKEO

During our fundraising journey, I have met with numerous investors and VCs and Privilège, namely Jacqueline, has been one of the most helpful people. She is always willing to sit down and chat with me about my business and offers great insights and advice for the road ahead. I highly recommend them for early/seed/series A.

Matthieu Jost, Misterb&b


March 2021