Distalmotion’s robot wows surgeons

Distalmotion has successfully completed a cadaver study involving Dexter, its surgical robot. The 40+ surgeons and nurses who participated in the study, and tested the robot for surgical procedures, validated Dexter core value proposition of removing complexity out of robotic surgery. Distalmotion aims to remove the complexity out of robotic surgery to fast track

Distalmotion’s robot wows surgeons2021-09-30T15:36:38+01:00

Distalmotion facilitates the breakthrough of surgery robots

With Dexter, the robot of the Swiss start-up Distalmotion, hospitals can reduce the costs for surgeries by more than 90% compared to traditional robotic solutions. Distalmotion has now signed a first distribution agreement for Dexter. Today’s surgical robots have their roots in remote surgery for the military. They were designed to allow surgeries even

Distalmotion facilitates the breakthrough of surgery robots2021-09-30T15:31:25+01:00
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