The tourism sector is in a delicate moment, although with the opening of tourism and new measures, it is gradually recovering. We are immersed in a complicated situation but there are also many opportunities to update our offering, to think of new ways to reach customers and to adopt the best way to highlight our product. Every crisis can also be an opportunity to emerge stronger and with new challenges.

Along this line, and always looking to move forward and offer the best and most innovative service in the hotel industry, BYHOURS is eyeing the B2B2C path to be able to offer microstays to anyone who needs them, whether a travel agency, an end customer, a hotel or a company. In this case, we have taken a very important step forward with Sabre (NASDAQ: SABR), the leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry.

We have signed a new agreement to provide Sabre’s agency community with relevant content that will allow them to sell rooms by the hour through the BYHOURS’ Sabre Red App.

Under the agreement, hundreds of thousands of travel agents using Sabre’s global distribution system (GDS) will have access to BYHOURS’ content, significantly increasing the distribution reach and potential revenue opportunities for BYHOURS and hoteliers across the world while providing travel agents access to the relevant content that their customers demand.

As Traci Mercer, Senior Vice President of the Sabre Travel Solutions product segment, says, giving travel agencies the power to offer relevant content to satisfy the changing needs of their clients is paramount to Sabre. Today, more than ever, travel buyers want access to a broad range of content that better meets the needs of today’s traveler.

With this agreement, we are excited to provide Sabre-connected travel agencies the ability to further personalize the customer experience with BYHOURS’ unique microstay content that provides more flexibility while creating value for all stakeholders across the ecosystem.

This distribution agreement comes at a key moment for the global travel industry, as COVID-19 has generated an increased need for microstays, whether for business, local leisure staycations or stopover travel. As more companies adopt remote work policies, the need for flexible, comfortable and adequate space to work and conduct important meetings is increasing. Similarly, the desire for local leisure or staycations is on the rise, leading to an increase in microstays. Likewise, stopover bookings have helped to make the traveler feel more comfortable and secure during a layover or in the case of disrupted travel. The ability to easily book rooms by the hour will address these needs and provide an integral solution for the industry.

It’s a great satisfaction and privilege to be able to partner with pioneering and innovative companies like Sabre. In today’s challenging times, synergies for constant improvement and the ability to offer optimal solutions are indispensable. We have full confidence in the value we will generate together for our beloved hospitality and travel industry.

With this agreement, BYHOURS reinforces the company’s 2021 objective to open up the North American market, alongside one of the big companies in the sector.

Now is the time to put all our efforts into recovery and reignite the expected profits in the sector. Synergies between our companies will help us to move forward stronger and more prepared for the new post-pandemic paradigm.

Every Crisis Is an Opportunity, Even in Hospitality (