Winterthur based Cyltronic is developing electric cylinders to replace conventional pneumatic cylinders found in industrial plants worldwide. With 100 cylinders to be deployed as part of its pilot phase, the company has raised more than CHF1 million to fuel its growth.

Cyltronic developed the world’s only electric cylinder aiming to replace standards-based ISO pneumatic cylinders. Its electric cylinder CTC-060 is a spindle drive with an integrated brushless motor and integrated servo controller.

Electric cylinders offer a wide range of benefits, such as enabling up to 95% energy savings and addressing the increasing demands of machine builders dealing with complex motion sequences. Thanks to the startup’s innovativeness, machine builders can finally implement precise linear movements without expensive servo motors. Moreover, since the electronics and motor are completely integrated within the housing, no extra installation space is required.

Funds to boost growth
As part of its pilot phase, supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the Swiss Climate Foundation, Cyltronic is currently implementing cylinders in various industries at machine end-users to demonstrate their capabilities. “By the end of the year, 100 cylinders should be in use”, says CEO Jermias Wehrli. The two organisations are offering a CHF 310’000 grant to the startup.

The three angel investors, Christoph von Bergen, Roland Lüthi and Marco Garbani, and venture capitalist, Privilège Ventures, are investing CHF 700,000 in the startup. The funds will enable the company to complete the pilot phase, accelerate product development and enter the DACH market.

Von Bergen joins the board of Directors
Lead investor Christoph von Bergen has joined Cyltronic’s board of directors. Having built up a company and growing it from 4 to 400 people, von Bergen brings a wealth of experience to enable Cyltronic to pick up speed.